Welcome to the 4th annual Toronto
Remote Control Hobby Show

2013 Toronto Hobby Show

At this years Toronto RC hobby show we will be once again featuring most if not all of the latest and
greatest technology and bringing it to you for three days November 1, 2, 3, 2013

Our mission at this years show as in the past years is to bring the latest and greatest in remote control
technology.  In addition to the best prices of the year to the masses.

Anyone who is able to make it out to the 2013 Toronto Hobby Show will be able
to get their hands on industry leading remote control products at the best prices.
The 4th annual Toronto Hobby Show wants as many people to get into a hobby this
November.  So, what we will be doing is offering the best prices to anyone who can
make it out, either November 1, 2 or 3rd.  If you had your eyes on something and its
sold out, as long as you pay for it at the show, you can get the promotional pricing.
So if you are only able to make it out Sunday and heard that a certain model is sold
out, we will be honoring the prices regardless if supplies happen to dwindle.
The Toronto Hobby Show 2013 is happy to be able to have industry trending products
such as SAFE TECHNOLOGY products from Horizon Hobby.
The 2013 Toronto Hobby Show also will have a wide range of products from the newly
formed VATARRA vehicles.  These on-road and off-road vehicle’s from Horizon Hobby
Vatarra have had a great debut.
Pro Boat RC models have launched this year a full lineup of redesigned boats.  These
boats will be available on display and purchase at this years 2013 Toronto Hobby Show.
BLADE HELICOPTERS are another featured product line with helicopters from the
Red Bull Micro Helicopters all the way up to their new 700 size helicopter.  Of
course we have Quad Copters with safe technology as well.
Traxxas products have always been a hit with the Toronto Hobby Show and this year
is no exception.  Traxxas offers a wide product line of brushed and brushless models.
This allows for products that slow and sure footed speeds for those young ones
looking to get into the hobby.  For the seniors and more experienced there are vehicles
available that can approach and pass the 100mph mark.  The Toronto Hobby Show has
remote control vehicles to cover your budget and skill set.
Carrera slot car tracks are a big part of this years Toronto Hobby Show.  Carrera slot
car tracks are available in wireless and wired controllers, you can mix and match and
upgrade at any time.  Up to seven cars can be on the Carrera race track at one time,
this can be any combination of human slot cars and ghost cars.  Lane changing, fuel
stops and speed governing of vehicle’s are some of the features of the Carrera slot car
race track, so that even the youngest members of your family can participate.
The 2013 Toronto Hobby Show will have a Carrera rep available at this years show.
After 50 years in the slot car industry they offer licensed products from NASCAR,
FERRARI, all the way down to Disney licensed products.  Carrera reps will be able to
answer your questions regarding this beloved hobby.
The Toronto Hobby Show have a Carrera track at this year show with new digital racing featuring that allow up to seven cars on one track switching lanes with ghosts cars
featuring reduced govern speeds so all ages can play without those cars flying off the
track and everybody enjoying even pit lane or realistic fueling ask the Carrera rep about
this cool technology when you visit the 2013 RC show.
The 2013 Hobby Show will have demonstrations of products.  Bring the entire family
out, admission is free and so is the parking.
The Toronto Remote Control Hobby Show 2013 is looks forward to seeing and hearing
from you.
November 1st
12pm - 9pm
November 2nd
10am - 9pm
November 3rd
10am - 7pm
Free Parking
Free Admission
• Thousands of Hobby Gifts
Bringing items to well below U.S.
   retail pricing for one weekend only